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Autism link with Vaccines study is a FRAUD. [Apr. 13th, 2011|09:12 pm]
Vaccine Awareness & Education

(CNN) -- A now-retracted British study that linked autism to childhood vaccines was an "elaborate fraud" that has done long-lasting damage to public health, a leading medical publication reported Wednesday.

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Immunizations and colleges [Apr. 19th, 2010|08:21 am]
Vaccine Awareness & Education

I was just accepted to the University of Iowa and found out they have a MMR requirement. Does anyone know if the State Universities must accept religious exemptions?

Update: I did some more searching and found this on their health services section online

Exemption from immunization will be permitted for the following persons:
• Those for whom immunization is contraindicated. Contraindications include severe allergy to eggs or a drug called neomycin; presence of cancer, leukemia, or lymphoma; presence of chronic disease which lowers your resistance to infection; taking cortisone, prednisone, or anticancer drugs; or having received gamma globulin within the preceding three months. A health care provider must validate any contraindication.
• Women who know or suspect they are pregnant.
• Those seeking exemption because of religious persuasion. Contact the Student Health Service about the appropriate documentation.
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HELP! [Aug. 26th, 2008|11:22 pm]
Vaccine Awareness & Education


I live on a military base and will be transferring to Wiesbaden, Germany in December. I've been told by my mom that I *have* to get my daughter immunized...please say it's not so. I am not sure yet but we were looking at following the Dr. Sears delayed schedule and then selectively vaxing from there.

If someone could tell me my legal rights in this situation, maybe point me toward some sites where I could read up on the *federal* laws as well as the German laws, and perhaps even information on traveling with an baby who has not been vax'd.

I need to be 100% prepared at her two month well baby (September 8th), because they are already asking about her immunizations and my response is "She's not getting any."

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(no subject) [Aug. 4th, 2008|08:04 pm]
Vaccine Awareness & Education

Does anyone have a link to a religious exemption form? I had one book marked but it has diappeared!
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Vaccines... [Jun. 25th, 2008|12:06 am]
Vaccine Awareness & Education

This was on CNN.com today...
Should I vaccinate my baby? there's also a link on CNN for Dr. Sears alternate vaccine schedule.

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great DVD [Jun. 21st, 2008|12:38 pm]
Vaccine Awareness & Education

I'm not sure how many of you out there have seen this DVD, but I HIGHLY recommend it -

"Are Vaccines Safe?" presented by Mary Tocco

You can find it on her website at MaryTocco.com, or if you just google the title and her name you can find it a couple other places.

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A helpful link.. my personal research based opinion.. as well as my contacts if anyone has questions [Mar. 26th, 2008|10:16 pm]
Vaccine Awareness & Education

1. For exemption forms and to know the specific laws on exemptions in your state visit: http://vaccinetruth.net/ 

2. After much research we decided NOT to vaccinate our 2 children.. at all for now.. and for a while.
We will not be giving most of the vaccines that children get... (Pertussis only kills rarely, and only in children UNDER 6months of age).. (polio is caused by severe calcium deficiency, which is often caused by excess sugar consumption).. (Dyptheria (sp?) lives in feces, so we wash our hands).. *any others please feel free to ask*

3. My email is karmiana@hotmail.com, I have AIM: fathomdancer101 MSN: karmiana@hotmail.com Yahoo: schnookiesandboochies 

I still have all the notes and links that I took/read when i was doing research into vaccinations.. as well as links to the Adverse reactions site (VAERS) 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would just like to talk..
I appologize for not having been around to help my community.. life got in the way (DD is 2 DS is 6mo)

Thanks for your understanding, and keeping this community alive while I was out
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(no subject) [Dec. 6th, 2007|02:15 pm]
Vaccine Awareness & Education

My daughter has her first baby checkup tomorrow morning. I'm nervous about the whole thing. I dont know anything about the vaccines or which ones are bad. Or if any are good. Can any of you give me a list of vaccines to avoid completely? How important is it  to get the pertussis vaccine because I have a friend who has this and hasnt been vaccinated to my knowledge.And watching/hearing her cough her whole life kills me. Is this a vaccine to avoid?

Sorry if I seem like a deer in the headlights, but thats exactly how I feel. What should I expect at this appointment? I know I need to express that I dont want my child vaccinated so young, but I dont feel confident enough to stick up for my decision. Any help or guidance will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
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(no subject) [Dec. 5th, 2007|01:11 pm]
Vaccine Awareness & Education

 I'm trying to make my newborns first baby checkup appointment but I'm having a hard time finding one that accepts medicaid. Also I'm nervous about finding a doctor that shares my views on vaccinations. How do I go about finding the perfect pediatrician?
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Massachusetts [Dec. 3rd, 2007|12:48 am]
Vaccine Awareness & Education

Hi everyone! This is my first post in this community. My daughter is 9 weeks old and tomorrow is her 2 month well baby check up. She will NOT be getting any vaccinations at this appointment and I have no idea how her doctor will react. I know that some doctors will refuse to treat children that aren't vaccinated, but if I have to find another doctor then I will. I haven't been able to find out much about the laws in my state regarding delaying or not vaccinating other than the fact that the only exemptions they will allow for non-vaxed kids in school is medical (permission from doctor) or religious. Philosophical exemptions are not allowed. At this point I'm not worried about any of that because I have no plans on putting my daughter in day care any time soon, but I just want to make sure that there is no law compelling me to vaccinate her right now AND I want to make sure DSS isn't going to show up at my door and try to take her away from me or something crazy like that.

Has anyone had any experience with delaying vaccinations in MA? Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you!
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